Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer's End

Yeesh... I haven't updated the blog in ages.

It was great to see everyone back in Southern California in July! We had a splendid time being with y'all commingling and visiting. Yes, we finally got another family photo:
We most definitely enjoyed your weather, even though we missed a cool wave back in Oklahoma. Mom and Dad took advantage of the climate with long walks throughout Irvine and Newport Beach. We also enjoyed meals at our favorite restaurants not available in Oklahoma (shout out to Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes and Ebisu Ramen Restaurant, among others).

We also visited Seaworld San Diego since we were in the area. Quite enjoyed ourselves, in fact, since it wasn't too hot and the park wasn't too busy. (Click the image to visit the album.)

On the way back to Oklahoma, we visited the Petrified Forest. Other than the fact that it was quite warm, it was an interesting place to visit.

Since our return, things have been slow. Just prepping to gear up for school, hard to believe that it starts this Tuesday. I'll try to update this blog more frequently during the school year.