Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow, Snow, Let it SNOW!

It is highly likely we will get snow tonight. Check it out:

Forecasts: |

A Live Look: Forecast by NWS

We are hoping for a SNOW DAY, so you can see if our wishes are granted here: and look for Edmond Public Schools

There's SCHOOL! UNBELIEVABLE! Unfortunately, the transportation district decided that a severe road conditions from the Department of Public Safety and State Troopers specifically mentioning slick and icy roads meant nothing to them. Neither did snowfall pegged up to four inches, ice, and other maladies in the area convince them to cancel school. Sad. For the full reaction (over 400 comments), you can view it on Facebook.

For some wintery fun that you can put together wherever you may be, check out here:

Friday, February 10, 2012

A New Thing is Afoot...

We got the contract for building the house signed on Monday (whoo-hoo!). To celebrate, we... well... uuhmmmm... I can't tell you quite yet, but you can see for yourself within a few weeks.

If I could redirect you attention, there is other things that are afoot. The major thing that is going on right now is a new home for us Leus on the web:

You may have noticed (or read the previous explanatory post) that going to redirected you automatically to This was one small move out of many to integrate all our information and pictures into a central location.

A quick tour of what you will find:

On the Home Page
You will notice some new branding at the very top, with the phrase "Welcome to a new EXPERIENCE". This picture will become the main logo for all of our web properties. Underneath that, you will see a similar blurb of introduction. Following that are links to the latest posts on the blog and a link to our Google+ Profile. And finally, you will see a few recommendations on some reading content from our sponsors who funded the purchase of this new domain.

There are multiple pages that you can access via the menu bar above the header picture, but there is one I want to point out to you first and foremost. (The others you can explore on you own time, as they are fairly self explanatory.)

Home Building Status
On this page, you can see what exactly is going on with the building of our house. The current status reflects what is currently being worked on. Underneath that, there is a timeline that shows what is going on and what is expected to take how long. Finally, underneath the Multimedia header you will find photos and videos of our house being built.

If you are a "creature of habit" and can't seem to change your online browsing habits, don't worry about missing out on all this. Posts right here will link to this page with a few photos. However, most of the photos are going to be hosted on our website and not this blog.

I encourage you to go and explore our new website. If there is something that is confusing, let me know right here in the comments. Have fun, and I hope you will enjoy.

a Displaced SoCaler

A quick note: going to will result in you being warned that is a beta website. Use the links in this post to override this warning or you can just click on the link that will let you continue at the bottom of the page.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Changes Are Coming Right Around the Corner

If you haven't noticed, this blog is now hosted at This doesn't change anything for you, it just gives it a new name in your history and in your browser bar. As always, you can access this blog right here at

Other changes will come in a few days. Expect an update real soon!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February's here. And I didn't update the blog... (oops...)

7.20a CST
Oh my! It’s already February 1st here and I haven’t updated the blog... oops. Lots of things going on, the least of which being school and homework, but I think the beginning of the month deserves some sort of update for our friends and family back in lovely, warm, sometimes sunny winter of SoCal.

For your comparison, I’ve included a couple of YoWindow screenshots:

Mom and Dad have been going back and forth with the developer, realtor, and the floor plan for our house which is going to be built soon. Right now, they are drawing up the blueprints; so things are hanging steady for now. I’ll have a real special treat for you guys when we finally break ground, but for now hang tight!

School... well, what can I say? School is interesting enough, although some of my teachers leave something to be desired, while others make my life easier. My English class is now better, since I was transferred to a new period where the class is a little less rambunctious. The library here is a nice haven, provided you don’t need to look up a book, check out a book, or place a book on hold. Surprisingly, the halls here are much more crowded than at Fountain Valley High School... I think it has something to do with the lack of alternate routes and everything contained indoors. More after school, I have to go to class...

5.08p CST
We are doing well in the local congregation here. Everyone seems friendly and welcoming, inviting us to social events and other activities. The audio-visual booth seems to like me (who would've thunk? computers seem to draw me in), asking me to help record and manage the "charts" (another word for PowerPoints).

The Mold Scare
The mold tests came back inconclusive. We do have common mold, but that isn't (too) harmful. At any rate, Dad went crazy shopping for a bunch of air filters and came home one day announcing the final order: 1 large HEPA air filter, 3 bedroom HEPA filters, and a dehumidifier. So now our apartment is humming with them, but the air seems cleaner and we haven't been as run-down as we used to be. However, we are still waiting for more results...

NEWS FLASH: The post office lost our last bedroom air filter. Dad isn't too pleased, but the company is sending us another one without charge, so...

Food and Culture
Well, our favorite restaurants seem to be House of Hunan, Golden Corral, and China King. Don't ask me for more information, as you can Google all of them. However, eating out doesn't seem to be a priority, so finding the Okie good food (read southern) is taking a back seat for now. The same goes for discovering culture, etc.

And to close off, the apartment is now livable. We have food, air beds, a TV, computers, and a fast internet connection, so all is well.

I apologize for not keeping you more updated, but... well... life got busy. I can tell you this: this blog will be updated once a month, for sure. Once the house building gets started, it will definitely be more. You can find blurbs from us on Google+ here.

And finally, tomorrow is Groundhog's Day. Will we get another six weeks of winter? Feel free to speculate below in the comments field.