Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow, Snow, Let it SNOW!

It is highly likely we will get snow tonight. Check it out:

Forecasts: |

A Live Look: Forecast by NWS

We are hoping for a SNOW DAY, so you can see if our wishes are granted here: and look for Edmond Public Schools

There's SCHOOL! UNBELIEVABLE! Unfortunately, the transportation district decided that a severe road conditions from the Department of Public Safety and State Troopers specifically mentioning slick and icy roads meant nothing to them. Neither did snowfall pegged up to four inches, ice, and other maladies in the area convince them to cancel school. Sad. For the full reaction (over 400 comments), you can view it on Facebook.

For some wintery fun that you can put together wherever you may be, check out here:

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