Tuesday, November 6, 2012

House Report, Week 31 + Branson, MO

Welcome back to the House Report. Now updating for the last week of October... we're getting close!

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Electricity Rocks!

Switches have been installed in all of the proper places. Exceptions include limited amount of dimmers and some that are defective from the getgo. The house is also completely live and hot, so plug in those appliances! (well, not really... yet.)
power panel, located in the garage
security system panel... woefully limited in number of zones

the Floor got Stained!

No, really. That's a good thing. The first coat was applied, in a natural protective stain/varnish/layer:

Hard Water, Soft Water, Clean Water, Scale Blaster?

In lieu of a water softener/RO filtration system, our lovely plumbers installed this:
Bizarre? Yes. Does it work? We'll find out. (Visit the manufacturer's website here.)

Who's up for a nice long soak?

The hot tub jacuzzi with jets is going through some testing right now and is not open for the season. Not sure if you'd want to get in it anyway, it hasn't been cleaned since installation.


Last, but not least. These suckers surround the entire house and have been installed to ensure that walking the perimeter while raining is not a trip through SeaWorld's Splash Zone. In addition, they routed the downspouts in the front of the house underneath the sidewalks and out to around the street where they can burst forth like a geyser. Really, take a look for yourself:
Gutters ensure that the house occupants are not sieged by water  during precipitation.
The location of the geyser: Out by the driveway, this spring loaded cover is designed to allow water to burst forth and not soak the driveway with water from the roof.

Where were we Friday?

Enroute to a lovely place known as Branson, MO. A popular destination spot for Oklahoma residents, it is about a 5.5 hour drive from Metro OKC and a lot of fun to visit. Not that we spent that much time visiting of course... Mom and Dad got to listen to a 90 minute 180 minute 7 hour session with resort representatives trying to get them to purchase a time share. I will not disclose the results of the session to respect their wishes. And hey, we scored tickets to a wonderful group known as SIX. We visited the 5¢ & Dime store in downtown Branson in late afternoon, then attended the show. It was awesome. For those of you that are interested, their latest promo vid is embedded below.

On the way home, we passed through some lovely forests on the border of AR and MO. You can view the photo album here.

When is the house going to be finished?

Now, that would be telling, wouldn't it?

Stay tuned, it will be soon. Within the month. We hope. And pray. And wish.

Meanwhile, please excuse the irregular update schedule, life's become crazy as of late.

Vote, and have a good night!

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