Sunday, May 26, 2013

We're Off to Hawaii

So we survived the storms this past week. According to NewsOK/the Oklahoman, the closest tornado to us was an EF1 that went up a major street near commercial businesses about 5 miles away. It knocked out power lines all the way up the street, causing tieups and road closures, but nothing major like the Moore tornado about 20 miles south of us.

Efforts to recover and cleanup have been overwhelming, with emergency responders and relief organizers requesting that people stay home and allow those already on site to assist as quickly as possible. The tornado was eventually determined to be an EF5 and 1.7 miles wide at its strongest point, hitting multiple businesses and elementary schools along its 17 mile path. According to the National Weather Service, Monday's tornado was the ninth deadliest in state history with 24 fatalities.

Hail from Acadia Lake Area

Meanwhile, since school got out this past week (hooray!), we are now on our way to see family and friends in Hawaii! We'll be driving out to Dallas and flying out from there, spending a lovely two weeks traveling. Expect photos and pictures on our Google+ page, we'll keep it as updated as we can.

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