Monday, January 9, 2012

Phones and Education, and Shopping (oh My!)

This is the records log of the adventures for the week:
  • School Began:
    Not sure how that worked out. Sis is happy, Bro is relatively happy but hates his english classmates and we all have all the supplies for classes (thank you, Super Target).
  • Shopping:
    We have been consistently shopping, with our most recent additions being cheap silverware from Sam's Club, big microwavable bowls from Super Target, and (relatively) small garbage cans from (again) Super Target.
  • Phones from VZW (VeriZon Wireless):
    Mom decided to crush my heart when we walked into the store with the intent to get two android phones and we walked out with one: hers. She has 4G LTE service, 4GB data, 8MP camera, and a nice skin among other great hardware features for an amazing price that will never be seen again. What more can I say?

Meanwhile, our apartment is still being readied to live in. Airbeds have been aired and set up, mold tests remain inconclusive, towers and equipment running normally, and tables have been placed at logical locations. Keep us Displaced SoCalers in mind as we constantly miss SoCal and wish that it could have been different on many separate occasions (most of them misplacement, or things at two different locations or inability to access something that may be in either deep storage, the other apartment or none of the above: take your pick).

Did I forget to write something? Let me know what you want to hear about in the comments.

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  1. Any good food? More details about school...teachers? classes? THE LIBRARY???


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