Tuesday, October 23, 2012

House Report, Week 29

Hullo folks: the house is so close to becoming a home, it's mouth watering. We're excited and can't wait for it to be finished... hopefully we'll get in before Thanksgiving now! Read on for all the juicy details (ok, maybe not juicy, but still details...)

Oct 15 Monday

Masking galore: all the exposed trim is getting covered up in preparation for the wall painting. In addition, the faux marble windowsills arrived and were installed today.

Oct 16 Tuesday

They continue to paint all the cabinetry with this great stuff called lacquer paint... (hint: do not enter a house that has lacquer paint fumes without proper protection, you will regret it). The rest of the faux marble sinks and countertops arrived today.

Oct 17 Wednesday

The walls are being primered today. Also, the granite countertops arrived today and were installed and covered quickly. 

Oct 18 Thursday

Colors! The majority of the house was painted an off-white (tinge of yellow, barely distinguishable), while one bedroom was painted a light green and the other a slightly more intense blue. The theatre got a lovely shade of dark blue to enhance the image quality while watching entertainment. Also, a lot of the protective covering was removed today, so we got a closer look at some of the countertops as well.

Oct 19 Friday

They finalized the interior paint colors today. Also, the plumber came in and installed the majority of the sink faucets, and the landscaping team installed the sprinkler system.
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the Week in Review

Alrighty then... paint, finished. What's left? Appliances | Hardware | Lighting | Landscaping | Fixing of Odds and Ends | Electrical/Security/Automation Setup | Theatre Setup We have been given a new deadline of the end of the second week in November now, so lets see how close they can stick to their promise then. I do apologize for not getting all this stuff up sooner, however I caught a bit of a bug and wasn't exactly operating at 90% capacity Sunday and Monday. Still shaking it off, but here's to clearing the backlog!

As always, the information should keep on coming as the house becomes closer to becoming a home. As always, you can click the banner at the top of the website to view our Google+ profile and see all the latest pictures.

Our website is also there for a general overview of the whole project, so you can look at that as well. Just click here to view the timeline, or click the main portal link at the top of the page. Forget all that, it hasn't been updated in months. I'll let you know when I've updated it... although don't expect it too soon.

Most of all, thanks to the readers out there, it really is something to see on the analytics chart.

Whoo hoo!

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