Saturday, March 23, 2013

Here Comes Spring

Wow, time flew. And, the majority of March has passed us by as well. Yikes.

For the month of March, we've been less busy but more busy. How's that for a conundrum? Recently, we've been taking it relatively easy, settled into a pattern, shall we say. Yet, we've still managed to branch out and try new things and go new places.

Going back about a month, I attended with Dad a play that had one of his coworkers starring in the show. Called Crimes of the Heart, it was an exciting play that involved just six actors for a duration of over two hours.
No photography was allowed, so this picture of the advertising poster will have to suffice.
It was quite impressive watching the play, throughout its duration I was never once distracted. The storyline revolved around a trio of three sisters with wildly different personalities; and the interactions they had with each other and the other minor characters were always entertaining and well played. It was a pleasure to attend the show, I look forward to future productions from the company. (More information: Oklahoma City Theatre Company/

After the show, this picture of the newly built Devon Tower was too stunning to miss capturing, I've embedded it below:
Not bad for a smartphone camera, no?
Later in the month, Dad took Sister to an orchestra performance at the same venue, called the Civic Center. It has a pretty rich history that you can take a look at here: Wikipedia

Also, Dad's Diversity Dining Club decided to celebrate Chinese New Year a couple of weeks late, so February's restaurant selection was the Szechuan Bistro, a small Chinese restaurant whose cuisine is influenced more so by the northern part of the country, so the spices were definitely sharp and defined in its food. It was a stellar service, so not much to comment on here.

Swinging more towards an academic note, I took the SAT test at the beginning of the month. It wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, but it was completed. Scores will be released at the end of the month.

Coinciding with that test was a concert that was performed by the Canterbury Youth Chorus' Young Men Group as a part of a local library series. It was a pleasure performing with the rest of the teens and was an excellent diversion from the test noted above.

Not a lot to post from this month, as the majority of it was fairly unnoteworthy. April ought to have some surprises for us, so we'll see. Looking forward, we have school ending at the end May, which will be followed by our long overdue family and relatives trip back to the island of Oahu, HI. More on that as we get closer. As for returning to California... we'll see. Prices haven't been too kind lately.

This seems like a good place as any to end this post, so I'll wrap it up here. Thanks for reading.

Whoops, I didn't hit publish. Sorry.

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