Thursday, April 11, 2013

Testing and Countdowns

Well, here we are in the month of April, and we just has a bit of wild weather. Check it out:
Ice on Tree in Downtown OKC
Ice on Trees on Residential Drive
Frozen Trees

Frozen Treebushes
We've been having increasingly warm weather, often getting into the high 70s F (breaching 80F a couple of days). Then we had a Thunderstorm/Lightning/Hail warning this past Tuesday that disintegrated into a Sleet/Snow/Freeze Watch on Wednesday morning. Lots of rain, I can tell you that.

Other than that, things have been calm. We have a few things on the upcoming... Testing in schools is happening this month, since Oklahoma schools usually dismiss in mid to late May. I'm due to take the ACT this Saturday to get a complementary score to the SAT test I took back in March. Also, Sis will be participating in an event this Saturday evening that may or may not be telebroadcast based on attendance at the Civic Center in Downtown Oklahoma City. More information as it comes.

Meanwhile, our much needed trip back to see family, relatives and friends on Oahu is less than two months away! We'll be driving down to Dallas and fly to Honolulu via Los Angeles. We'll start shortly after school ends, so heads up on that end. The blog and Google+ will be updated frequently when we get on the road.

For now, I'll leave it here. And this time, I'll actually push the publish button.

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  1. freezing rain? did you see any tree branch breakage? ice is really heavy.


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