Sunday, May 13, 2012

House Report, Week 7

This is the report on what has been happening with the construction of the house. Remember, you can get a daily detailed report by following the updates on Google+!  To conserve the space on the blog, you're going to have to click the read more link to get the report.
May 7 Monday

They outlined the rooms today... and we realized that the rooms have mysteriously shrunk. It turns out the measurements that we were given were from center to center of the walls, and did not take into consideration the fact that walls would eat up a bit of each room. We were also told that if the measurements were edge of room to edge of room, the house would have been a couple of hundred square feet bigger and we would have been outpriced of the neighborhood. At least the house is still bigger than our old one... by about a thousand square feet.

May 8 Tuesday
They started to put up the frame for the safe room (closet) in the house... other than that, all quiet on the home front.

May 9 Wednesday
They finished the safe room (closet) framing and poured it today. Lot's more work expected tomorrow!

May 10 Thursday
Materials got delivered, and the first timbers have finally gone up on the foundation! They started on the back (North) and left (West) sides, wrapping up a bit of the perimeter. More work (lots more work) expected tomorrow!
May 11 Friday
Rainy all day. No joke.

However, there is no rain delay today, because they somehow did some more work before the rain started around 8a. Go figure. They raised the right (East) side and the front (South) side of the house, which means that there are only two areas that have no exterior wall up: the den and the back bedroom. They also managed to raise an interior wall in between the garage/utility rooms and study/0.75 bathroom.

the Week in Review
A lot of work was done this week, but not as much as could have been done. Call me impatient, but I really hated that rain on Friday. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love rain, so that really is an accomplishment. I digress... Still, an incredible amount of work has been done and things are expected to move really, really quickly next week with no weather to call time out.

Remember, the blog will not be updated every weekday with pictures, you will have to go to our Google+ page to look at our daily updates. Click the banner at the top of the blog to go!

Also, visit our website to view the timeline for building our house... it provides a good overview of what to expect.

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  1. wow! this is great. it probably feels like it's going slow as molasses, but once they poured the slab, they really got going. you'll have a roof on in no time! congratulations!


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