Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fly to Your Vacation

No, I don't mean go to the airport, haul your stuff through TSA and then jump on a crowded aircraft and hope you arrive quickly.

How would you like to fly yourself to your vacation destination? No, I don't mean renting a business aircraft and having sky-high costs for maintenance, fuel, and training.

How would you like to take a blimp to your destination? At the cost of renting a passenger van? That you would personally fly?

You can now do that, courtesy of Bandago! For those of you who weren't tracking us back in December, we rented a totally decked out passenger van from them. It included captain seating for six, with a bench seat in the back. It also included mifi (mobile internet wifi), an XBOX 360, a flatscreen TV and some serious cargo space. We were literally in the lap of luxury as we traveled halfway across the US.

Now, they've literally taken to the skies with this new venture:

So, tell me: would you enjoy flying on this ship? I think it would be awesome way to travel. (Too bad the program didn't exist a year ago, we could have been taking one of these to OKC!) Let me know in the comments!

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