Monday, August 27, 2012

Lifestyles Update (for lack of a House Report)

Alrighty folks, I apologize for the lack of information on what is going on with the house. However, providing a "House Report" with everyday being listed as a "glitch day" can't be too exciting for you. So, to summarize House Report for Week 21, nothing was done whatsoever. The official explanation from the builders is that the cabinetry is being built off-site. However, with a bunch of odds and ends to fix (back door latch needs to be redrilled so that it aligns, mailbox needs to be reconstructed so that we can actually access it, etc.) it gets pretty frustrating to see nada getting done day after day.

Now, for the other things that you are interested about:


School resumed on the 17th of August for our district. Most of our teachers proved to be satisfactory (my English teacher is somewhat cuckoo, but that keeps the class on its toes, eh?) and it can be a relief to have a habit and tasks to do. For me, the bus and the campus seems to be more crowded as there is a larger freshman class going to the high school.


Yes, I have been learning to drive over this summer. I have logged almost fifty total hours of driving without major incident, so I know I can drive safely. Whether I can drive safely and consistently remains to be determined. To be continued soon...


This past summer was not the fiery superheated oven of 2011, but compared to SoCal summers it was pretty brutal. Even though it was milder than last year, we still had a fair amount of days that were triple digits, and humidity was always there to smother us. We now understand how wonderful air conditioner is... if you ever enter a room that's at a cool 80F from outdoors at 107F and high humidity, you feel like you've entered paradise. Right?


We have integrated pretty well into the lifestyle here. We still miss things from home, but we aren't as disoriented as we have been before. Dad has a group from work that meets once a month to try different restaurants  in the area, some of them are quite interesting. Most are local family owned and run, and all of them have been excellent in almost all aspects (they do hit the pocketbook a bit hard though). The church we attend is really great, although it isn't the same as the one we attended in SoCal. I won't say which is better, because both of them are the Lord's church, but I will say that both are equally friendly and a wonderful group to worship with and hang out with socially.

I hope I covered most of what y'all are interested in... if you think you want to learn more about something, let me know and I'll try to write more about it. No guarantees, since schoolwork can be... a bit painful at times.

Hopefully, the house work will resume this week. Keep tuned to our Google+ profile for more the most up-to-date information, and expect the House Report to return next week (knock on wood stone brick drywall you get the point, right?)!

--Displaced SoCalers

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