Sunday, August 5, 2012

House Report, Week 18

Howdy, and welcome to the weekly report on the status of the house in construction. A great way to look at what is happening as a quick overview, it includes links to pictures and other great content. Click on the read more link to find out the latest news this week.

Hey, just a quick note before we start: most of what's happening right now is better seen than written, so click on the links to check the pictures out!

July 30 Monday

More work was done on the entryway, especially on the west arch into the porch region. Also, the (real) wood flooring was laid and delivered the tile.

July 31 Tuesday

They began to install the tile inside of the kitchen/dining area, meanwhile the workers continued work on the entryway, especially the front arch.

Aug 1 Wednesday

They finished up the stonework on the entryway (east arch), leaving them with only the fireplace mantle and mailbox to do. They also continued to lay tile in the restrooms and the kitchen area.

Aug 2 Thursday

They've mostly laid the floor tile (as far as we can tell). The workers know we visit, so they protect their work by telling us where not to step. Unfortunately, that means we cannot access most of the house. So, pardon us while slow the flow of photos.

Aug 3 Friday

They grouted the tile into place, so we can look and touch (lightly) and move around a bit more freely. They also managed to break our garage door (the bigger 2-car one) and failed to report it. Just lovely, eh?

the Week in Review

For filing purposes, this was posted August 5th at 2p CDT. If you are wondering if you have gone crazy, this was written and went live at August 14th at 10p CDT. I was away during the past week and my remote client was not working well enough for me to control my desktop. At any rate, a lot of work was done, and we are happy for it. I'm working to get last week's up too, so bear with me. We'll be back to normal (I hope) this week.

Stay tuned for more information, as we are rounding the final corner in getting the house built. As always, you can click the banner at the top of the website to view our Google+ profile and see all the latest pictures.

Our website is also there for a general overview of the whole project, so you can look at that as well. Just click here to view the timeline, or click the main portal link at the top of the page.

Thanks for keeping up with us! It is a great pleasure to share all this information with you and know that we aren't forgotten back in lovely, sunny SoCal.


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