Monday, September 10, 2012

House Report Week 23

Howdy, and welcome to the weekly report on the status of the house in construction. A great way to look at what is happening as a quick overview, it includes links to pictures and other great content. Click on the read more link to find out the latest news this week.

Sep 3 Monday

Labor Day. Obviously, work doesn't get done on holidays.
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Sep 4 Tuesday

Today, they set up for the concrete slabs that they planned to lay (and also sliced one of the lightning protection system grounding lines, but that is discovered tomorrow) and installed more trim.

Sep 5 Wednesday

They laid the concrete today, leaving a square area where the team sliced one of the lightning protection system grounding lines. Apparently, they were digging and one of their machines literally sliced through it. Best part about it (as far as I can tell) is that they didn't tell anyone, leaving it for Dad and me to raise the alarm. Wonderful, eh? More work was done on the trim today as well, with frames for the mirrors and shelve lines for the pantry installed.

Sep 6 Thursday

All the doors got delivered today, and they're just leaning against the walls. Also, the concrete slabs seem to have set nicely, so that's a good thing. We also found this queer piece of wood that was stained around the edges. Not quite sure what it was for, especially since all the wood is to be painted white. Anyway...

Sep 7 Friday

They cut grooves into the concrete to prevent it from cracking later on. Also, they installed more trim, but not too much... we think they got chopped down to a one man team due to sickness.
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the Week in Review

Boy, was it a busy weekend. I drove almost six collective hours (average is about four) going down to OKC and back. We first ate at Fung's Kitchen (see Lifestyle Update #2, coming within the next two weeks) to try out their dim sum. Then, Sis had a concert down at the Skirvin (Hilton) Hotel in Downtown OKC. Let's make this clear: if you ever travel to Downtown OKC within the next two years, there will be construction. Roads will be closed, some routes will be blocked, and you will be baffled. Drive in circles and you should end up right back where you started. Anyway... where was I?  Oh yes... the weather was marvelous this past weekend: it stayed a nice 81F all day Saturday. It was glorious, not being fried alive by the time 10a rolls around. Of course, it sounds like y'all back in SoCal got stuck with our weather, so our apologies for that. It's coming back to us anyway (groan). Anyway, schools settled into a routine, and it's almost 10p, so I better stop writing.

Stay tuned for more information, as we are rounding the final corner in getting the house built. As always, you can click the banner at the top of the website to view our Google+ profile and see all the latest pictures.

Our website is also there for a general overview of the whole project, so you can look at that as well. Just click here to view the timeline, or click the main portal link at the top of the page.

Thanks for keeping up with us! It is a great pleasure to share all this information with you and know that we aren't forgotten back in lovely, sunny SoCal.


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