Tuesday, September 18, 2012

House Report, Week 24

Howdy, and welcome to the weekly report on the status of the house in construction. A great way to look at what is happening as a quick overview, it includes links to pictures and other great content. Click on the read more link to find out the latest news this week.

Sep 10 Monday

They started work in the master closet today, adding framework for shelves and hanging bars. They also added the mantlepiece to the wall.

Sep 11 Tuesday

9/11. We Remember.
They worked exclusively on the outside of the house of the day, weedwacking the backyard and removing some of the dirt that was piling up in the front yard. The lightning company also came and fixed the sliced line.

Sep 12 Wednesday

More work done outside today: the whole backyard was leveled and upturned, while the front yard had all excess dirt removed.

Sep 13 Thursday

An anti-erosion barrier has been erected in the front yard in a hurry, must have been due to the rain. Also, more doors were hung and a lot more work was done in the master bedroom closet.

Sep 14 Friday

They finished up in the master bedroom closet, and hung a few more doors. Other than that... not much.
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the Week in Review

We now have an official countdown: the house (should be) (maybe) (hope and pray) finished and liveable by the end of October. Or so the builder says. We are highly ready for this house to be completed, so keep up to date (such as it is, with the schoolwork and all) with us and send those mental positive thoughts to the workers finishing our house. Meanwhile, the weather is finally cooling down a bit, so we're a bit more comfortable when venturing out into the world of Oklahoma.

Stay tuned for more information, as we are rounding the final corner in getting the house built. As always, you can click the banner at the top of the website to view our Google+ profile and see all the latest pictures.

Our website is also there for a general overview of the whole project, so you can look at that as well. Just click here to view the timeline, or click the main portal link at the top of the page.

Thanks for keeping up with us! It is a great pleasure to share all this information with you and know that we aren't forgotten back in lovely, sunny SoCal.


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