Monday, March 19, 2012

The blog's been through a refresh!

A couple of things led me to do this refresh:

  1. Spring Break = No School = No Homework
  2. The last refresh was up for over three months
  3. I was bored and already did the majority of jobs that I had to do.
At any rate, the blog still should operate the same, so enjoy! There are a few enhancements that I want to point out, but they won't affect the way you look at our posts:
  • About the Background
    The blog background changed, but you can't really see the pic. Here, you can see what pic is for the month and read a bit about it. Too small to see? Click on it to enlarge.
  • A look at how many visits we have
    This shows how many visits we've had so far, along with a graph to show the distribution of the visits.
  • AddThis Sharing buttons
    If you like what you see on a post, use the buttons to share the page to your social network. There are over 300 supported, so if you don't use Facebook or Twitter, click the big orange plus sign to find your network.
Finally, it really rained, thundered, and lightninged today, so no work will be done to break ground for a week. Sorry about that.

Keep up with the progress by visiting Building Our "Barbie" Home on our Main Portal. Thanks for following us!


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