Saturday, March 17, 2012

Experiencing Oklahoma! (on St. Patrick's Day)

Lots of fun today... with just Dad, Sis and me. Let me explain:

Mom got an invitation to a go-away brunch for a lady who is moving to California that goes to our church. Until the night before, she thought everyone was invited. Sadly, it was a ladies only party meaning no males or girls.

So, we had a day out on the town... downtown OKC.

First off, we stopped for breakfast at a popular place in the midwest US: Waffle House

Great meal, with only Dad taking a waffle, all of us took eggs in some form, with toast and bacon (sausage for Sis). We did take some pics, but I have no idea where her camera is, so you get to look at the exterior of the restaurant. Sorry.

After that, we went to the OKC St. Patrick's Day Parade... which dragged on for an hour and a half... It was okay, except for the duration of it. We saw people at the beginning of the parade come back at the fourtyfive minute mark walking towards the start line, which made no sense whatsoever. At any rate, you can take a look at the pictures and videos here: Go to Google+

Later, we visited the Downtown Library to check a few things. We parked a few blocks away, then walked to it. Right next to it was the most talked about building in metro OKC region: the Devon Tower.

It is pretty impressive, it being the tallest skyscraper in Oklahoma. Then we took a visit down to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, which was letting everyone in for free to celebrate their 10th aniversary downtown. We got some pretty cool pics, I'll put a few down here: Go to Google+

House won't break ground until Monday or later... watch the weather, if it starts to rain, then it will get pushed until next week (sad, but...) Forecast by NWS

Some photos will appear as they are uploaded. Check our Google+ Page, as Google has kindly taken our photo storage in hand for us.


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