Saturday, March 31, 2012

House Report, Week 1

Every week I'll do a report on what has been happening with the house broken down by the days. If you are following the updates on Google+, great! Just keep in mind that Friday's results will be withheld until the the house report is posted here on the Blog.

Mar-26 Monday

Today, the team has broken ground. They removed the trees that were in the back of the lot and otherwise begun the leveling process.

Mar-27 Tuesday

They continued to level the ground and brought in some gravel to use for building the retaining walls. We also noticed that they had taken down our eastern neighbor's fence. At the time, we believed that they did it to create more room to work on the lot with.

Mar-28 Wednesday

We discovered today that the builder for our eastern neighbor mismarked the property line, resulting in a small sliver of our lot being taken for his yard. A bit of a mistake, as well you might think. At any rate, this caused some alarm and delay because of the remedial work that needed to be done.

Mar-29 Thursday

Today the remedial work was done to correct the property line and yard of our neighbor. Also, the retaining wall(s) (our builder discovered we needed not only one wall on our western property line, we needed one on our eastern and northern too!) had the brick delivered and some work done to build it up.

Mar-30 Friday

More work was done today to build up the retaining walls, a French drain was also installed along the wall (in order to relieve hydraulic pressure that excessive rain could result in according to Dad). Not much else was notable today... the builders seem to have done a great job of delaying things and failing to explain what they do plan to do...

the Week in Review
A lot of work was done this week, however not as much was completed as we had hoped due to some unforseen issues that came up. Also, we aren't quite positive what the builder plans to do about the drainage around our house. We recently met our neighbors to the east (a kindly couple of grandparents, he works as as an insurance agent and civil engineer, she is a homemaker) and he noted that the drainage has to be really, really good lest the house or adjoining properties get water damage and spillover. He has promised to keep an eye on the building process (since he works from home and his office window overlooks our property) and help us out in the future. So, cheers to a nice house and a nice neighborhood, eh?

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