Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March already? We've spent 70 days (ten weeks) in OKC

I know, I know... bad me.

I haven't posted in twenty-one two (forgot leap year) days. Thankfully, I have a chance to post now. Not too much has happened in the past three weeks, we're just continually hopping along and surviving.

Looking at what has happened:

  • (on going) House Getting Built (or lack thereof)
    We are still waiting for the developer to get the final drawn plans from his architect, which only started the month long process about a week and a half ago. So, nothing new there, except the fact that we aren't going to be in our new house until mid September.
  • (February 29th) First Congregational Singing
    We participated in our first dedicated singing at the Seminole Pointe church of Christ on Leap Day 2012. It was a great experience, we wish it would come around more than on every fifth Wednesday
  • (March --) Sis's Birthday!
    Not much happened, but her celebratory meal was at Steak and Shakes
  • (today) Ten Weeks of OKC
    Well, we've survived. There was some setbacks and issues, but we survived. Hang in there with us, we aren't about to go dead yet.
We've been cruising, but hopefully we aren't going to sit back and relax for the month of March. Check back soon!

Finally, a bit of fun from me... I will be updating our G+ feed with Today in History*! Check out our posts daily by following us.

March 7th:

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