Sunday, June 3, 2012

House Report, Week 10

This is the report on what has been happening with the construction of the house. Remember, you can get a daily detailed report by following the updates on Google+!  To conserve the space on the blog, you're going to have to click the read more link to get the report.

May 28 Monday

Memorial Day --- Holiday

May 29 Tuesday

Wrapping up the odds and ends... ho de hum...

May 30 Wednesday

Nothing... the ground was soaked from the major severe storm (thunder+lightning+hail) that blew out our back windshield. Click the pictures link to view the damage.

Also, we left OKC today. Check out our travel log for this day!

May 31 Thursday

Unknown. We weren't in OKC. Check out our travel log for that day.
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June 1 Friday

Unknown. We weren't in OKC. Check out our travel log for that day.
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June 2 Saturday

Apparently, the rain and the holiday made the amount of work untenable to the builders, because when we came to check the house in the afternoon, they were still out there working. They completed the roof with the plywood material, the composite roofing is set to be done Tuesday. Click the G+ link to view all the progress.

the Week in Review

Well, they are almost finished with framing the house. Things will slow down on the outside, but on the inside things will still be chugging right along. This includes eletrical, heating/cooling, security, lightning rod protection system, and sheetrock. Don't go away though!

Remember, the blog will not be updated every weekday with pictures, you will have to go to our Google+ page to look at our daily updates. Click the banner at the top of the blog to go!

Also, visit our website to view the timeline for building our house... it provides a good overview of what to expect.

Thanks for following!

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