Sunday, June 24, 2012

House Report, Week 13

This is the report on what has been happening with the construction of the house. Remember, you can get a daily detailed report by following the updates on Google+!  To conserve the space on the blog, you're going to have to click the read more link to get the report.

Hey, just a quick note before we start: most of what's happening right now is better seen than written, so click on the links to check the pictures out!

June 18 Monday

More air ducting was added today, along with a couple of heaters and air conditioners...

June 19 Tuesday

The air ducting was hooked up to the central systems, and the water lines were tested today.

June 20 Wednesday

They finalized the heating and cooling systems and started the electrical wiring today.

June 21 Thursday

More electrical wiring today... we have some doubts about the intelligence of the electrician as the switches are... somewhat less logical than they could be.

June 22 Friday

Even more wiring today... finally got fed up with the goofy connections that the electricians made and made an exact diagram for the electrician to follow.

the Week in Review

Things are moving along quickly, we are hopeful that they will make or beat their goal of mid-September for completion. The electrician drove us nuts, yes, but nothing a good map can solve. Perhaps we'll be finished with this stage by next week. Keep on following us for updates!

Remember, the blog will not be updated every weekday with pictures, you will have to go to our Google+ page to look at our daily updates. Click the banner at the top of the blog to go!

Also, visit our website to view the timeline for building our house... it provides a good overview of what to expect.

Thanks for following!

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