Friday, December 9, 2011

11 Days and Counting

In this post: A look at the church we will be attending, plus routing questions...

Current Statuses:
  • 4 Days until the packers come
  • 5 School Days left until Winter Break
  • 10 Days until the Car Swap
  • 11 Days until "the Launch"
We have everything set up on the Oklahoman front, from the apartment(s) to the utilities to the new house that we are planning to have built. Our new church that we will be attending (for the time being) is the Seminole Pointe church of Christ:

It is perhaps three miles away from our primary residence(s), so a tiny bit closer than our primary residence to our current church. We have attended here each time any time some of our family is there, and are very pleased with what they have shown us in terms of worship, Godliness, and friendliness.

Meanwhile, only 11 days until we leave. Dad and Brother are currently debating on which is the better route to go... would you like to help us out?


Let us know in the comments below...

Additional Information:

  • Tentative Travel Dates: Dec 20-23 (+1 day if I-10)
  • Depart Sounthern Orange County
  • Vehicle is Dodge/Mercedes Benz Sprinter, high ceiling (for more info:
  • Keep in mind:
    • The WEATHER (a biggie)
    • Scenery, Rest Stops (are there cool things that we should see on either route?)
    • Big Towns/Cities to stay in with pet friendly hotels (three chinchillas along for the ride)
I look forward to seeing the results!


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