Thursday, December 15, 2011

Surviving on the Edge

Not a lot to say now... this blog will really light up in a few days though!

Living on the edge is very annoying. All our stuff is in boxes, we are eating off of paper plates and plastic cutlery, and still have a lot to do before Monday. Speaking of which, I can't type long here... got work to do. So enjoy these pictures and I'll blog again on Monday!


Current Statuses:
  • 1 School Day left until Winter Break
  • 4 Days until the Car Swap
  • 5 Days until "the Launch"

Once again, enjoy the scenery of our first stop courtesy of YoWindow.

Updates on the blog will happen more frequently as we get to the end of our 16 year stay in Southern California. Suscribe via RSS, email, or just bookmark us by dragging this link:

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