Saturday, December 3, 2011

17 Days and Counting

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A view of the OKC cityline, specifically Bricktown

Time flies very, very, very fast. Only 10 more days of school, 11 more days until the movers come to pack up all of our stuff, 16 more days until the car gets picked up, and 17 more days until launch day. Yikes.

Currently, Mom and Dad are rearranging boxes and their location, Sister is entertaining herself on the PC, and Brother (that's me!) blogging a bit before I return to more homework. Quite a lot of other things going on now too, with finances, Dad's final tasks at work, school, concerts, and concentrating on doing things (such as constructing our house) on the other side.

Updates on the blog will happen more frequently as we get to the end of our 16 year stay in Southern California. Suscribe via RSS, email, or just bookmark us by dragging this link:


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