Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 3

With departure imminent, let's take a look at our routing. Please note that updates will be limited due to limited network access in the great hulking state-nation of Texas.

Depart from: Las Cruces, NM
Depart when: 8.30a MST (act. 8.37a MST)
Routing: I-10 E to I-20 E

Arrive at: Midland, TX
Arrival Status: Arrived
Arrival Time: 4.30p CST

Go to Our Location page for highlights of our trip. (alt. @LeuNews)

Best Pictures for Today:
Will be updated at the end of the day

Day in Review:
A nice day for a drive. Some of us (namely Mom and Sis) were sick and tired of driving, but today was a mite bit shorter than our other segments. Passing through El Paso, we looked to our right and saw the lovely picture of Ciduad Juarez (which wasn't very pretty), but we were gone soon enough. Our friends in SoCal warned us that the US Customs & Border Protection checkpoint might give us some trouble because of the size of our Sprinter passenger van, but we got through with only a rudimentary "How many people in the vehicle?" and "Ya'll US citizens?" thank goodness.

We had a smooth ride to Midland after that, stopping in Van Horn for a quick bite from Wendy's. Had a bit of trouble finding the hotel since 10000 Airport Road doesn't exist, but got to it eventually. Then we had dinner with our friend's relatives who lived in Midland. It was an enjoyable experience, mingling with them and learning about living in the Midwest. Us kids then had a sleepover with their son, Tristen. We played videogames and watched a movie before catching some zzzzzzs.

Mom and Dad had lots of fun with out us, of course. They had a nice night of sleep without us... More on them later as I gotta go.


  1. Kelvin,

    I just found your move project. Absolutely love it. Keep up the good work as I'll be checking back to make sure you arrive safely and transition to the OKC life without any major mishaps.

    Mr. Z

  2. Isnt there wifi at Starbucks, Panera, or similar?

  3. Anyone for souvenir cowboy hat and boots?

  4. looks like the bad weather is behind you now. clear shot in TX


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