Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 2

Ready for another day of tracking us across the nation? Here are some details to get you started:

Depart from: Mesa, AZ
Depart when: 9a MST (act. 9.35a)
Routing: US-60 W to I-10 E; alt. US-60 E to US-70 E to I-10 E

Arrive at: Las Cruces, NM
Arrival Status: Arrived!
Arrival Time: 5.20p MST

Go to Our Location page for highlights of our trip. (alt. @LeuNews)

Best Photos Today:
Click here to check out our cumulative photo album on Google+ Photos. No sign-in required.

Review of Day:
Today was less eventful, but more tiring. A lot of nothing on the road can make that go by really fast! A few highlights were the Thing (click the link above to see the photos) and Andele's Restaurante, a really good Mexican restaurant. Other than that, it was just driving, driving, driving. Little Sis isn't feeling too hot right now, so keep her in your prayers that she isn't getting a cold (or worse). Tomorrow we are going for a ride in TEXAS! Whoo hoo! Another time change (the final one, thank goodness) to look forward to. Remember to keep an eye on us right here on Leu Project: OKC at If you are a little bird who loves to tweet, check us out @LeuNews.

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